Paula’s Choice- Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Lotion Review

So I’m suffering with a few blocked pores on my chin area, I think this is due to a mix of experimenting with so many products on my face and good old hormones!!! I have to add at this point the the No7 makeup mirror with x5 magnification really help you to pick out all these little flaws!!

My main issue was raised bumps under my skin which never came to a head (meaning I couldn’t have a good old squeeze) I trawled through Google to find out what these where and after discovering they seem to be blocked pores I came across Paula’s choice website which advises that products containing BHA clean inside the pore. What I love most about this company is that you can order samples so I went right on ahead and ordered 2 samples which I thought would be most relevant to my ‘chin’ problem.

paulas choice BHA Lotion

Skin perfecting 1% BHA lotion/ Skin perfecting 2%  BHA lotion


Yves Saint Laurent- Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in BR10 Review With Swatches

Yves saint Laurent  touche eclat foundation

It isn’t very often that a brand like Yves Saint Laurent make face products pale enough for my extremely pale skin so I just had to try their Touche Eclat foundation to see if it lives up to its iconic Touche Eclat counterpart.

Available in a rather impressive 22 shades I was matched with BR10- Beige rose, this is the palest available shade with a rather pink undertone.


Nails Inc Boxset – My Nail Polish Diary Review

nail polish diary

I just had to mention this brilliant box set of Nails inc polishes I got for Christmas. I have not got the steadiest hand in the world so I tend to stick to just a coating of see-through polish on my nails but Nails inc polish goes on lovely and hardly ever smudges… it even makes me look like a pro!


The perfect dupe?! Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm’ Vs Soap and Glory ‘Bright here-‘Bright Now’

I am now fast approaching 30 (ouch!) and I am after that youthful glow that came to me oh so naturally before aging and sleepless nights prevailed!!!  One of my favourite products to achieve a beautiful glow and well rested look is Clarins ‘Beauty Flash Balm’ I am probably delayed in my ravings about this product as I know it is a all-time classic favourite of makeup artists, beauty gurus and bloggers…. But I will give you my two pence worth anyway!

Side by Side

Side by Side


A simple look using Revlon ‘ColourStay’ Eyeshadow

R.R.P £7.99

New from Revlon comes these ‘ColourStay’ eyeshadows which give 16hrs of wear! I picked up a palette at the introductory price of £5.99, I am a fan of Revlon shadows anyway, I find that they easily compete with high ends brands so would be willing to pay the R.R.P £7.99.


Kleenex Wipes Review

So as mentioned earlier in the week I have been trying out the new cleansing range from Kleenex, I picked 3 products from the range; Facial cleansing wipes, eye makeup removal wipes and facial clothes. All three products are currently at a reduced introductioary price at Tesco;

I have to begin by saying I’m not usually a fan of ‘wet wipe’ type makeup removal, I tend to prefer a makeup removal cream applied with cotton wool and then a facial wash (I am a bit obsessive about making sure there isn’t a patch of makeup left on my face!) but this is not say I wouldn’t use them as a quick option on a night out or whilst on holiday.

So the facial cleansing wipes and the eye make-up wipes both seem to contain pretty much the same product, the main difference being that the eye wipes are a slimmer wipe than the face. The wipes have a texture that is somewhere between cotton wool and tissue, they are quite quilted which feel nice when removing make-up. So how did they perform? Well I would say these are as good if not slightly better than other wipes I have used, the only thing that has defeated the eye make-up wipes is my Estee Lauder Doublewear eyeliner, but I do have to scrub to get this off so I wouldn’t let this put me off.

Facial cleansing wipes; £1.49 (r.r.p £2.99 for 24 wipes)
Eye makeup removal wipes £1.49 (r.r.p £2.99 for 24 wipes)
Facial cloths 99p (r.r.p £1.99 for 30 clothes)


Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder Foundation Review

R.R.P £36.00

I have been desperate to get my hands on a full size palette of this wonderful foundation powder after a very kind friend donated me the remains of their sample. I am not a fan of powder foundations on the whole as my skin tends to be on the dry side but this is my exception…


A little find during my weekly food shop – Welcome to the beauty world Kleenex!

I am not a fan of the weekly food shop so as an incentive to get myself up and going to the supermarket I allow myself one cosmetic item every time I do a food shop, so I was really pleased to come across the new Kleenex facial cleansing range.

So, a brand that I usually associate with my winter sniffles has now ventured into cosmetics and although I usually only treat myself to one item I may have got carried away by the introductory prices on offers and gone for three products from the range! I hope to use these over the next few days and blog all about them in my tools section!


Going Mad for BarryM Nails – New Croc Effect Polish

As I have probably mentioned before; I struggle with nails! But I just had to do this post because I love BarryM’s cheap and cheerful nail polishes and special effects polishes which are so easy to use and give great effects. Their summer range has definitely not disappointed and for anyone that doesn’t feel confident with polish I would definitely give this brand a go..

BarryM's Croc Effect (£3.99) worn over Barry M's Foil Effects Polish in Gold £3.99


Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation Review

R.R.P £10.99

Once I see something new out I just have to try it, the added bonus of this product was it was reduced to £6.99, so I decided at that it would be rude not to!