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1960′s Inspired Beehive Hair – Using Spornette ‘Little Wonder Teasing Brush’

So I have been feeling a little nostalgic of late and have been watching back to back episodes of an old ITV favourite of mine ‘Heartbeat’ it takes me back to Sunday nights when I lived in Yorkshire but what I love about it most is the 1960′s hair and makeup, which helped inspire the following look, it also gives me an opportunity to rant and rave about one of my favourite hair tools of the minute!

I have created the 60′s inspired beehive look which is very wearable and easy to do for everyday, you can make this look as subtle (as above) or exaggerated as you like.

The tools I used for this look were the wonderful Spornette ‘Little Wonder Teasing Brush’ which is the perfect tool for backcombing- it works great with my natural hair and I also find it useful for putting my clip in extensions in.

This handy little brush cost me £5.50 and is available at; http://www.ukhairdressers.com, it is great for giving volume, styling and backcombing as used in this look. Also it is available in a number of colours for a added little quirk!

I used the ‘little wonder’ brush teamed with my ongoing favourite hair spray which is L’Oreal Paris Elnett, a real classic in my opinion that gives great hold without that sticky feeling that some hair sprays give.

How I created the look

So i washed my hair as usual but instead of rough drying it like I usually do I blow dried it straight, brushing it all backward so that my natural hair parting was lost (apart from at my fringe) this made the top of my head a lot easier to backcomb. I then put me little wonder brush into use…

I back-combed a section at a time, and each time gave a small spray of hairspray to add volume and hold. I did this to every section and then I secured the style using bobby pins (Kirby grips). Using my Ghd’s I straightened my fringe and pulled a few hairs loose to give me a bit more hair around my face.

This is a really easy to look to create and as mentioned before can really be tailored to suit.

Thanks for reading :)

2 Responses to “1960′s Inspired Beehive Hair – Using Spornette ‘Little Wonder Teasing Brush’”

  1. Bonnie Sporn says:

    Hi Claire,
    I’m Bonnie Sporn and I’m the publicist for my family’s hair brush company, Spornette International. What a great surprise it was to see your post using our Little Wonder brush to recreate the looks for your 60′s beehive!! This blog is going on our Facebook page, so check it out!!

    • Claire says:

      Hi Bonnie, I am all new to blogging so was so pleased to receive your comment and your lovely Facebook post!! :) Your ‘Little Wonder’ brush as mentioned is one of my favourite tools. I hope to use it to create more looks for my blog in the future and will defiantly be investing in more of your brilliant brushes to review!! Thanks again for the support, Claire.

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