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Paula’s Choice- Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Lotion Review

So I’m suffering with a few blocked pores on my chin area, I think this is due to a mix of experimenting with so many products on my face and good old hormones!!! I have to add at this point the the No7 makeup mirror with x5 magnification really help you to pick out all these little flaws!!

My main issue was raised bumps under my skin which never came to a head (meaning I couldn’t have a good old squeeze) I trawled through Google to find out what these where and after discovering they seem to be blocked pores I came across Paula’s choice website which advises that products containing BHA clean inside the pore. What I love most about this company is that you can order samples so I went right on ahead and ordered 2 samples which I thought would be most relevant to my ‘chin’ problem.

paulas choice BHA Lotion

Skin perfecting 1% BHA lotion/ Skin perfecting 2%  BHA lotion