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Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation Review

R.R.P £10.99

Once I see something new out I just have to try it, the added bonus of this product was it was reduced to £6.99, so I decided at that it would be rude not to!

So I purchased it in the lightest shade which as you can see above is 51 Vanilla clear, the foundation is available in 5 shades all of which seem to be slightly orange based in my opinion. I love the fact it comes in a glass bottle and features a pump which makes it easy to dispense and saves lots of mess!

The claims

In a nutshell the purpose of this foundation is to be long lasting (16hrs) and to give a perfect coverage using 3 pigment corrective colours (yellow, mauve and green) each of which helps disguise a multitude of sins;

Yellow- Helps conceal dark circles
Mauve- brightens the complexion
Green- Hides redness in the skin.

The foundation has a SPF 10.

How did I find it?

The foundation is advertised as giving a perfect complexion which covers dark circles and redness, despite this the formula does feel very light and undetectable once on your skin, it does build very nicely were you need a little more coverage. On my skin I felt like the formula went from dewy to a little matt/powdery as it settled, I do suffer with dry skin so I would recommend moisturising first if you are the same.

The big downside for me was the colour, despite going for the lightest colour it was just too dark and too yellow based (for reference I wear Estee Lauder Doublewear in 1c1 Shell and NC15 in Mac)

I initially applied the foundation with a brush but did try to disperse the colour a bit more using my fingers but it was just to orange toned which is a real shame as I really wanted to give this foundation a good go especially as I have heard such good reviews on it! I do believe that if you can find a good colour match this could be a great foundation, as the coverage is really good and manageable (medium to heavy).

I left it on for a few hours and I did find that this oxidised on my skin but I assuming this is due to it being a bad match in the first place, as mentioned before if you do have dry skin I would moisturise before applying.

I would love to hear peoples opinions on this foundation, if anyone has tried it?

Thanks for reading :)

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