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Nails Inc Boxset – My Nail Polish Diary Review

nail polish diary

I just had to mention this brilliant box set of Nails inc polishes I got for Christmas. I have not got the steadiest hand in the world so I tend to stick to just a coating of see-through polish on my nails but Nails inc polish goes on lovely and hardly ever smudges… it even makes me look like a pro!


Going Mad for BarryM Nails – New Croc Effect Polish

As I have probably mentioned before; I struggle with nails! But I just had to do this post because I love BarryM’s cheap and cheerful nail polishes and special effects polishes which are so easy to use and give great effects. Their summer range has definitely not disappointed and for anyone that doesn’t feel confident with polish I would definitely give this brand a go..

BarryM's Croc Effect (£3.99) worn over Barry M's Foil Effects Polish in Gold £3.99


Nailing It!

So as I mentioned in an earlier post this week has been all about the nails. I have to be honest and admit nail polish isn’t a makeup that I’m particularly good at applying, in fact most cases I leave my nails to talented friends or experts but hey ho.. Summer is around the corner and what better time is there to be colourful.

The Brights

I love bright nails and it is fair to say they can be complementing to any complexion. All the above colours are from some of my favourite brands who all seem to be jumping on the neon band wagon, the Nails inc are from the ‘Kings of Neon’ collection they had out last year, although this year they have a wicked ‘Neon and Nude’ collection( retailing at £22.00)  as well as great individual neon colours available this summer.

Barry M is one of my favourite brands for makeup on a budget and their ‘Shocking Pink’ as shown above is great and at £2.99 it is a bargain. The bright red on the left hand side is from Maxfactor mini nail polish collection and is in ‘Red carpet glam’ the coral red colour is great for a daytime or night time look.


Goodbye dull nails, welcome to the Summer…

So the days are getting longer (but not necessarily warmer) and we are heading well and truly into summer with this in mind I decided it was time to start being more colourful and what better place to start than my nails! Firstly I found some of my last years classic colours and I couldn’t resist treating myself to a few more on trend colours…

My last years Nail Inc Limited Edition 'Kings of Neon' collection and some of my newbies from Barry M, 17 and Rimmel London.


Look out later in the week as I hope to create some funky looks using these. It would certainly seems that pales and pastels are in but we have yet to say goodbye to brights and fluorescents…

Bright colours and pastels are still ruling as seen in Cosmopolitan and Glamour Mags this month.