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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
R.R.P £26.50

I have used this foundation on and off for 7 years (the off times usually last no longer than a week) Firstly I feel I need to explain my skin type, I am incredibly pale with normal to dry skin (I tend to get dry around my nose) I have a cool undertone that reddens easily (due to heat, embarrassment and hormonal spots)

Why this foundation?

Many things drew me to this foundation but by far the biggest appeal was the colour range, Estee lauder work from a colour chart which caters for 3 different undertones, cool, neutral and warm you can then pick your intensity ranging from 1 (light/very fair) to 6 (very deep) You can be matched online or at a Estee Lauder counter. This foundation is advertised as medium but buildable coverage with 15 hours of staying power perfect for whole day at work and an SPF 10 means I’m never caught short in the sun.

My colour match is usually Shell 1C1, which is the lightest intensity in the coolest shade but in recent years I have been using Ecru 1N1 for the summer months, again this is the lightest intensity with a neutral undertone but I do find it tends to be very slightly darker and does suit my skin better in the summer.

As you can see the Ecru has a slightly more yellow tone than the Shell.

So does it live up to the claims?

I would for the most part the answer to this is yes it does! I find the key to this foundation is a little goes a long way, I literally put 3 tiny dots on my forehead, nose and chin and spread them outwards using my fingers (I have tried using a foundation brush but find this foundation is a little thick for this in my opinion) with the right application this foundation looks natural, matte and not in the least bit cakey. I also find for an evening look I can apply more for a flawless finish.

As I am a dry skin girl I do have to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and even then I do sometimes find that around my nose area in winter months this does get a little bit drying but nothing drastic and I wouldn’t let this put me off especially as this foundation covers so well and doesn’t cause me any breakouts (I do find that a lot of products do cause me to break out).

I wear this in conjunction with Estee Lauder Lucidty powder (I will review this soon). I do find this foundation holds up brilliantly when compared to others but after an 8hr day in work I do feel that I would need to reply for a night out. One thing I do like is the fact that this doesn’t oxidise on my face, although I don’t feel that it still looks fresh and nice after 15hrs it doesn’t change colour it just seems to wear off.


Overall I do love this foundation, although I sometimes stray to other foundations this is the staple one I always come back to, in terms of staying power and colour match I am yet to find something to beat it, I feel it would be great for oily/combination skin types but maybe not so much for very dry skin.


Wearing Double Wear in shell.

2 Responses to “Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review”

  1. Alisha says:

    So glad you told me about this! It’s the best foundation I cant live without it now!

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