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Going Mad for BarryM Nails – New Croc Effect Polish

As I have probably mentioned before; I struggle with nails! But I just had to do this post because I love BarryM’s cheap and cheerful nail polishes and special effects polishes which are so easy to use and give great effects. Their summer range has definitely not disappointed and for anyone that doesn’t feel confident with polish I would definitely give this brand a go..

BarryM's Croc Effect (£3.99) worn over Barry M's Foil Effects Polish in Gold £3.99

One of my favourite finds of the moment is their ‘Croc’ Effect (323) – this is like a much bettered version of their original ‘crackle’ effect polish and is almost idiot proof provided unlike me you read the instructions and actually apply on almost dry nail polish not dry! The results take about 3 minutes to appear so be patient :)

Both of the products above are new out and I can honestly say they are brilliant. The Croc effect despite looking navy in the bottle dries to a black finish and unlike crackle which to me always looked very matte this comes to a nice glossy finish and lasts well for about 3 days. I have painted it over BarryM’s foil effects polish in Gold which as advertised does only require one coat for a lovely even finish, although I found the slightly sticky consistency of this harder to paint on the effect was lovely and it was fast drying which is always a bonus.

I have added these two to my ever growing BarryM summer range  :)

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