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A nice new dress and tidy make-up…


So Friday 13th and I have just sat down having spent the last 30 mins chasing Cookie the cat around with a piece of bacon (my dinner no less) which she refused to give up until bribed with a suitable alternative which in this case turned out to be Dreamies In Chicken (might be worth remembering this information if you ever find yourself in a similar situation!).

I love all things cat and I just had to mention this bargain dress I picked up in warehouse, I absolutely love the cat print and the dress is great to wear for work with a nice skirt that falls just above the knee and for £29.99 you really can’t go wrong.

I also decided to finally sort my makeup out this week, up to now I’ve been using a huge under bed storage box into which I throw all my makeup, this isn’t ideal when I’m in a rush and I run late because I’m scrambling around looking for my blusher! So I went to one of my favourite bargain stores, pound land, and picked up an array of little plastic storage boxes so I could get organised. The containers have fun multi colourer lids and are stackable, tidy also proved to be very therapeutic;


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