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Mac Liquid Eyeliner Review

Mac Liquid Eyeliner Review
R.R.P £14.00

Mac Liquid Eyeliner

Firstly, I need to explain that on a day to day basis or even on an evening out I don’t tend to wear eyeliner, I have small eyes which are set quite deeply so I don’t find that it’s always a good look on me esp. not in black (I tend to use brown if any)  which can be harsh against my pale skin, having said this I love to try new things and this was an impulse buy…
Firstly the price tag is a little hefty in my opinion for a standard black eyeliner this retails at £14.00 for 2.5ml. I was also disappointed it didn’t come in a grey or brown alternative colour.

Mac Liquid Eyeliner

The applicator has a very firm tip which is tapered to come to a fine point, this is very helpful for application for me as I find if  I use a softer applicator with a liquid liner I can’t get a straight line to safe my life! Having said this I found this eyeliner quite watery and as a result I had to apply a few times to get a nice even line…which even then with my unsteady hand wasn’t especially even!!!!

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Once on the eyeliner did give a good result and I’m sure any eyeliner pro would be able to utilise this eyeliner for some great effects, for me personally I found that after a few hours it looked more smudged which isn’t a great look on me (I look like I have had a round in a boxing ring!)  I do feel that for my eyeliner needs I could find something more effective for this price or lower….

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