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Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Review

Whereas my favourite foundations give me a natural matte finish I decided to dabble into the world of dewy and it was with this quest in mind I ended up at the Mac counter. Describing what I wanted; long lasting, medium coverage, fresh dewy looking finish and a creamy feel (I don’t ask for much!!)  This foundation is what Mac has to offer…

The foundation comes in the trademark black box and the product itself comes in a transparent ‘tooth paste’ style tube which you squeeze to release some product, as it is gel based this isn’t remotely messy initially but as you come to the end of the product this could become quite a fiddle.

So as somebody who is prone to redness on very pale skin the colour I was matched to was NW15 (NW= Neutral warm, in the palest shade)

I was a little dubious about this colour choice as it seemed to have an orange undertone which I usually avoid like the plague but the idea of it is to neutralise the redness in my skin so I was happy to give it a go.

How did it do?

Firstly the texture of this foundation despite being gel based is creamy and easy to apply; I found that using a foundation brush gave a lovely finish, I would agree Studio Sculpt gives a medium, but slightly build-able, coverage in areas where you may need it, I would say the finish was matte/dewy I certainly had a subtle glow going on.  The colour which had concerned me slightly was a little orange on my very pale skin so I was a little bit disappointed with this but I decided to see how it would wear. I wore the product on a warm March day for an outing in the sun; the SPF 15 was defiantly an advantage as I didn’t have to worry about added sun protection for my face. I did find that after a few hours wear the foundation did start to slip a bit especially on my nose and chin where I tend to get a little oil, my redness did start to show, this problem would probably be solved with a little powder or blotting paper but as I’m not really someone who likes to touch their makeup in the day this is a deal breaker for me.


Due mainly to the poor colour match I don’t feel like I can give a fair trail to this foundation, I do think if the colour match was better for me I would probably quite happily use it as an everyday foundation. I do love the flawless looks it gives when first applied and for someone with very dry skin or who is willing to blot or powder this could be a great foundation. I love the fact it has a SPF 15, this is again ideal for an everyday foundation. I did get a few small break outs from this but I do have sensitive skin.

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    Hi, how could I contact you? I was wondering if I could use the image above for a post in my student newspaper?

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