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Nails Inc Boxset – My Nail Polish Diary Review

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I just had to mention this brilliant box set of Nails inc polishes I got for Christmas. I have not got the steadiest hand in the world so I tend to stick to just a coating of see-through polish on my nails but Nails inc polish goes on lovely and hardly ever smudges… it even makes me look like a pro!

I was so excited to find this collection on Nails Inc website and what a bargain, 12 FULL SIZE Polishes for an amazing £30.00 (did I mention that that these were full size?!) When you consider that that one 10ml polish from this brand retails at around £11.00 you realise what a bargain this is.

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What’s in it…..

I have to say I’m not usually a fan of box sets because although they do tend to retail cheaper than buying products separately I do find more often than not that I do end up wasting products or not using them so I would rather buy what I need. This hasn’t been the case with this box set it has a nice selection of colours, top coats and special effects so you are never spoilt for choice!

A polish for every month

January- Kensington Top coat-goes brilliantly over the coloured polishes giving a long lasting shine

Feburary- St Martins lane- A deep purple

March-Baker Street- love, love, love this on trend  blue colour!!

April- Sioane Avenue- New Neon Coral- A beautiful pinky/orange shade with a neon finish


May-Fulham Palace Gardens- New Rainbow Sprinkle Polish- a cute hundreds and thousands look for your nails with a pink undercoat.

June- Chester- Feather effect- Can’t wait to try this

July-Notting Hill Gate-Neon Pink

August-Fleet Street-Leather Effect- A pale purple/beige shade in a remarkably leather like finish


September-Electric Lane-Holographic Top Coat- Looks amazing over Baker Street

October- Belgravia Place- Red fibre optic effect

November- South Kensignton- Foil Effect

Decemeber-Knightsbridge Road- Galaxy effect


I will post some pictures of these polishes as and when I wear them all but I truly can’t recommend this set or any polishes from this brand enough, they have just released their new Spring/Summer collection at http://www.nailsinc.com/ and I will be putting in my order very soon!


Fulham Palace                                                                Baker Street

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