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No7 Vital Bright Cream Blush Review

No7 Vital Bright Cream Blush
R.R.P £10.00

No7 Vital Bright Cream Blush

This is one of those little gems that you find when you are not even looking. I discovered this on a lunch break, there I was picking my meal deal up and boom this little gem hit me like a bus in the night and better still I had a handy little £5 off  No7 voucher….

The first striking thing about this blusher is its vintage feel floral design, now I am not one to judge a book by its cover but when a book lives up to its pretty looking cover it just becomes a great bonus, Boots have a limited edition summer collection all in this cute packaging ( I hope to try and review the vital brights lipstick before summer is out.)

It’s what is inside that counts..

 Being a pale girl I like my blush to be Pink and bold, I loose count of the number of people that say I look healthier with ‘a bit of colour in my cheeks’.  So I picked this blusher in ‘Blooming pink’ which is a striking bright pink colour, this blush is a lightweight cream formula which goes on sheer but is very build-able.

I easily build the colour up to the pinkness I require, I also find it has a nice sheen effect to it which gives quite a luminous look which I love. The staying power of this blusher is excellent, I never have to reapply during the day and the amount of fading is minimal, I also must mention this doesn’t cause me any irritation or break outs (bonus bonus bonus!!)  Although you only get a small amount I would happily pay £10.00 for this as a little goes a long way and it would easily compete with high end blushers.


So overall I can’t recommend this enough my only criticism would be the small colour selection although having said this along with the pink based ‘blooming pink’ there is a coral based ‘blossoming pink’ which I’m sure would suit darker skin types, my only other qualm is that it is a limited addition so I have to stock up now and maybe spare this for special occasions only!

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