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Paula’s Choice- Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Lotion Review

So I’m suffering with a few blocked pores on my chin area, I think this is due to a mix of experimenting with so many products on my face and good old hormones!!! I have to add at this point the the No7 makeup mirror with x5 magnification really help you to pick out all these little flaws!!

My main issue was raised bumps under my skin which never came to a head (meaning I couldn’t have a good old squeeze) I trawled through Google to find out what these where and after discovering they seem to be blocked pores I came across Paula’s choice website which advises that products containing BHA clean inside the pore. What I love most about this company is that you can order samples so I went right on ahead and ordered 2 samples which I thought would be most relevant to my ‘chin’ problem.

paulas choice BHA Lotion

Skin perfecting 1% BHA lotion/ Skin perfecting 2%  BHA lotion

What Paula’s choice say:

Exfoliate both the surface of the skin and inside the pore with this lightweight lotion that eliminates clogged pores without excessive irritation. Appropriate for all skin types, but best for skin prone to blemishes and blackheads.

  • Lightly moisturizing lotion base
  • 1% salicylic acid removes dull, built-up layers of damaged skin cells to reveal healthy, smooth skin
  • 100% fragrance and colorant-free
  • Please note: When using a BHA product make sure you use a sunscreen during the day

These exfoliants also come in a gel form but as I tend to ebb towards having dry skin I thought the lotion would be more suiting. I decided to start by using the 1% lotion as if this does the trick why go stronger, each sample contains 2.96ml and lasted me about 3 days.

How did apply the product

At first I decided I would apply the product twice a day. I would put a small amount on a cotton wool pad and wipe over my face. Unfortunately I found that this was too drying and also oxidised my foundation during the day so for the rest of the week I applied it just over night and mainly on my chin area.

How did it do?

paula choice

The results after 3 days

After 3 days of use just at night I am already seeing the benefits of this product, although I’m not sure these pictures do it justice I am finding my chin area a lot less red and the pores defiantly seem to be decreasing in size. My skin has not dried up in the least and looks refreshed after I use this product.  The only downside I have found is the fact it doesn’t sit well with makeup but I guess if your trying to avoid blocked pores maybe you shouldn’t be wearing any?!



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